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At Swancon, in the Provence room of the Ibis Styles hotel in Northbridge on Sunday the 31st of March, 10:00am.


0A. Last call for nominations for the Board of WASFF
0B. Last call for bids for the WARSFC (i.e. Swancon) for 2015

Meeting opens.

1. Apologies
2. Consideration of Minutes of the previous AGM
3. Matters arising from the previous AGM
4. Reports
– Chairman
– Treasurer
– Administrator
– Convention Steering Committee Co-ordinator
– Swancon 37 2012
– Swancon 38 2013
– Swancon 39 2014
5. Appointment of Auditor
6. Appointment of a Returning Officer
7. Election of Organising Committee of the Western Australian Science Fiction Convention (Swancon 40 2015)
8. Election of Members of the board of WASFF (5 elected positions; 2 for shorter terms)
9. Two Motions on Notice:

That sections 5.4 to 5.6 of the regulations be amended to read:

5.4 An amount shall be set by the board from time to time for the purpose of setting a level at which two authorised officers are required to make a payment from a financial institution account, including back accounts and payment processor accounts (such as Paypal). Any payments at or under this amount require authorisation from only one authorised officer. Payments from a financial institution account over this amount may only be made by two authorised officers. Transfers between accounts are not regarded as payments for the purpose of this and the next regulation, and may be authorised by one authorised officer.
5.5 Payments shall only be made by the authorised officers when such payment have been authorised by the board, or by a committee to which the board has delegated authority to authorise certain payments. WASFF shall not make payments other than as authorised by these Regulations.
5.6 The board shall from time to time determine at least two authorised officers with authority to operate financial institution accounts. At least two authorised officers for each account shall be board members.

, and that a new section be added:

5.13 Any payment from the funds of WASFF shall be made in a way that leaves an auditable record.
Moved: Rohan Wallace; seconded: PRK.

That the existing By-Law be renumbered to and a new be inserted to say: Marketing Coordinator:…

and that By-Law 4.23.1 be amended to:

4.23.1 In this section the persons appointed to the executive positions of Convenor, Convention Treasurer, Convention Secretary and Marketing Coordinator are referred to as executive members. Ordinary committee members are members of the organising committee other than the executive members. Ordinary committee positions are Venue Liaison, Guest Liaison and Programme Co-ordinator and any other specific position created by the Convenor.
Moved: PRK

10. General Business

Bids for Swancon 2015 must received by the WASFF chair (Doug Burbidge) before the start of the meeting. Guidelines and a bid form are available:



Nominations for the 3 elected positions on the WASFF board must be received by the WASFF chair (Doug Burbidge) before the start of the meeting.

If you’d like to see the constitution, regulations and by-laws, they’re at:


Published: 12:30 on Mar 25, 2013 (GMT)
Last Updated: 12:30 on Mar 25, 2013 (GMT)