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Committee Bio

Tom Eitelhuber

Tom discovered SwanCon as a student in 2001, when he was President of UWA’s University Science Fiction Asssociation (UniSFA). He has attended every SwanCon since, getting involved as the program coordinator for SwanCon 2007: Inconceivable!

Tom’s reading tastes tend towards adventure and weird-fiction, and his favourite authors include Tim Powers, Kurt Vonnegut, Kelly Link and Haruki Murakami. He is also a big comics fan, currently enjoying titles like Morning Glories, Chew, The Unwritten and Daredevil.

At SwanCon, Tom likes participating in panels on comics, film and television, and regulalry co-runs the “Last Year in Film” panel. This means he ends up watching a lot of genre flicks, which is awesome right up until the point he feels obligated to watch Twilight for the sake of a panel.

Published: 11:36 on Nov 08, 2012 (GMT)
Last Updated: 11:44 on Nov 08, 2012 (GMT)