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Gaming enthusiasts will have plenty to see and do at Swancon 2013:

All Gaming, All the Time

The gaming programme will run from 10 AM into the wee hours of the next morning, every day of the convention. The programme will cater for new, casual and hardcore gamers with a smorgasbord of tabletop and console gaming.

Something for Everyone

Hosts will be on hand to welcome gamers and help them find a game to play; additionally, tables will be reserved for casual games with new games starting on the hour, every hour. There will be plenty of people ready to teach games and Julian Clarke from Unhalfbricking games will be on hand to demonstrate the latest games from the Essen games fair.

The Latest and Greatest Boardgames

Attendees will have the opportunity to play test new games from local and international designers and to celebrate fifty years of modern boardgames by revisiting the classic games that influenced today’s top designers.

Roleplaying & Wargaming

Roleplaying games will include The Laundry (based on Charles Stross’ works), Mutant Epoch, Pathfinder and a series of Story Game demonstrations. Local gaming clubs will be on hand to demonstrate miniature wargaming.

Video Gaming

Adam from PAGU will again be programming our console gaming stream after his successes at Swancon 2012 and Genghiscon, and we’re looking forward to a mix of obscure gems, old favourites and hot new titles. There will also be arcade machines, pinball and an air hockey table, all free to play.

Help Out!

If you have a game you’re itching to play please bring it along. If you are interested in helping out as a host or a game teacher, please contact volunteers-2013@swancon.com.au

We look forward to welcoming you to the gaming room this year.

Published: 09:49 on Mar 07, 2013 (GMT)
Last Updated: 15:25 on Mar 07, 2013 (GMT)