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Swancon 2013 Auction

The Swancon 2013 Auction will take place on Friday 29th March at 3:30pm. As one of the convention’s most popular events, it’s a great way to buy and sell books, movies, collectibles and more.

To enter items into the auction, you will need to complete a Seller’s List plus a Lot Slip for each item to be entered. While these will be available at the convention, we’d appreciate it if you downloaded and filled them out in advance, as this will help us to get through your submission quickly.

Download Seller’s List
Download Lot Slips

Items will be collected at the following times:

Thursday 28th March
Hotel Restaurant area

Friday 29th March
Provence Room, 2nd floor of hotel

If you cannot deliver your items during these times, please contact the committee to make alternate arrangements.

Notes for Sellers:

  • Swancon takes 10% commission on all sales at the auction, excluding those where proceeds are to go to a recognised fan fund or charity
  • Limit 10 lots per person
  • If you wish to have reserve prices please remember to include them where specified
  • Items may be entered and sold as a group but must be pre-bundled (e.g. in a bag or tied together) and should be specified as such
  • No VHS
  • Items will be accepted at the discretion of the committee
  • While all care is taken, Swancon does not accept responsibility for damaged lots

Notes for Buyers:

  • No credit; cash payment at tome of auction required
  • Auctioneer’s decision is final

Published: 15:51 on Mar 04, 2013 (GMT)
Last Updated: 12:00 on Mar 27, 2013 (GMT)