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Committee Bio

Andy Hahn

A gamer, anime enthusiast and general sci-fi/fantasy aficionado, Andy was introduced to Swancon in 2008 and since then has increased his involvement from attendee to panellist and now the jump to committee.

A frequent player of Bioware games such as the Mass Effect series, Dragon Age and Star Wars The Old Republic, as well as Ubisoft titles Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, he proudly admits the many hours which have gone into completing each and every side quest possible.

While gaming is a hobby, anime is Andy’s passion. His interests were peaked when Neon Genesis Evangelion was advertised on SBS back in 2000. Since then he has watched thousands of hours of anime, sifting out the great from the perplexing, the cute from the peculiar and awe-inspiring from the entertaining. He is more than happy to discuss (at great length) about any he has seen and is willing to try any that are suggested.

Five Questions with Andy

1). What are you currently reading/watching/playing?

Reading: I’m currently reading two books, “Hayao Miyazaki Master Of Japanese Animation” By Helen McCarthy and “Studio Ghibli, The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata” by Colin Odell & Michelle Le Blanc in Prep for my Ghibli panel.
Watching: The afforded mention Ghibli films, The Westwing, Elementary, Young Justice, Tron Uprising, Naruto Shippuuden, Eureka 7. Just to mention a few
Playing: Star Wars, The Old Republic

2). When did you start going to SwanCon? Do you have a favourite SwanCon memory or anecdote to share?

2008. My first Swancon was a blast, I Cosplayed ‘The Cardboard Tube Samurai’ from Penny Arcade’s comic strip and I was amazed at how many people knew who I was! I was invited into this lovely community and made so many friends that just got me.

3). Which areas of fandom are you most drawn to? Are there any other events or clubs in which you regularly take part?

I’m heavily into Anime, that being said I’ve join the Japanese Animation Federation of Western Australia or JAFWA. Regular Anime screenings? Yes please

4). Who are you most looking forward to meeting at SwanCon 2013? Who would your ultimate dream guest be at a SwanCon?

I’m really interested in Meeting Gail Simone, While I’m not totally up to date with her work I really like what I’ve seen.
As for Ultimate Guest? There are too many. I agree with Andrew Sharp about the Vlog Brothers or Kylie Chan or maybe Dan Millman.

5). Desert island time – you can take one book, one comic, one movie, one TV show and one game with you. What do you pick?

Book: The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, By Dan Millman.
Comic: Y, The Lastman, by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra.
Movie: Wolf Children.
TV Show: The Westwing.
Game: Star wars, The Old Republic and while I’m on that I would get someone from my guild to come get me off the actual Island. Assuming there is an Internet connection there.

Published: 11:36 on Nov 08, 2012 (GMT)
Last Updated: 09:25 on Feb 12, 2013 (GMT)