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Committee Bio

Chris Coman

Once upon a long ago, a point of original energy traveled, ever spiralling outward, oscillating through many forms and dimensions, twisting and harmonising into a standing wave pattern which currently serves the SwanCon community in the form you call Coman.

The ripples of Coman have been turbulent since his first con in 2001, and now he’s surfing one of those, hoping it doesn’t slam him into anything hard or nasty, like Reality.

Coman was the Fundraising Coordinator for SwanCon 2012: DoomCon and will continue to serve SwanCon as the Convenormancer for Swancon 2014: Connuration, indicative of a healthy lack of sanity.

Published: 11:36 on Nov 08, 2012 (GMT)
Last Updated: 11:41 on Nov 08, 2012 (GMT)