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Committee Bio

Emma Grogan

Emma has been reading speculative fiction since she was very young. She has been UniSFA treasurer for 3 consecutive years, and is playing the role of Treasurer for SwanCon 2013.

Emma has yet to fully attend a Swancon. Her reading tastes are varied, and include anything she enjoys (which can be varied) and comic books (both in English and French). She has been assured that she is more awesome than this paragraph summarises, but will leave that to others to decide.

Five questions with Emma

1). What are you currently reading/watching/playing?

I’m currently reading Alif the Unseen, watching lots of Fringe and Perth Festival shows, knitting a pair of fingerless gloves

2). When did you start going to SwanCon? Do you have a favourite SwanCon memory or anecdote to share?

This will be my first year at SwanCon.

3). Which areas of fandom are you most drawn to? Are there any other events or clubs in which you regularly take part?

I’m drawn to finding out about other perspectives regarding fiction, other ways of seeing the world.

4). Who are you most looking forward to meeting at SwanCon 2013? Who would your ultimate dream guest be at a SwanCon?

I’m looking forward to meeting all the guests, though Gail Simone is probably the guest I’m most excited about. I’d also like to meet the guest’s partners. Ultimate dream guest would be Warren Ellis.

5). Desert island time – you can take one book, one comic, one movie, one TV show and one game with you. What do you pick?

Book: Remote First Aid, or some sort of desert island cookbook (I’m sure one exists)
Comic: Bourgeon’s Les Passagers du Vent
Movie: Lord of the Rings (extended)
Game: Some sort of lego set.

Published: 11:36 on Nov 08, 2012 (GMT)
Last Updated: 08:58 on Feb 12, 2013 (GMT)